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Dangerous goods blog

Transportation of dangerous goods. What are the regulations to be followed?

The transport of dangerous goods is a complex matter, involving compliance with regulations and standards that vary depending on the transport modality used, the type of goods and their destination....

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Dangerous Goods Labels and Marks: The Risks of “Do It Yourself” Printing

Preparing and transporting packages containing dangerous goods are activities where care and enforcement of regulations are a basic requirement both in terms of safety (one's own and others') and to...

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SV mark / SV panel for gas tanks - ADR class 2

One of the most important new features of ADR 2023 concerns gas transport tanks or specifically safety valves and the mark with which they will have to be marked. These safety valves will be...

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IMDG and undeclared dangerous goods

Transport of goods in large quantities occurs 90% by sea, of this percentage 10% are dangerous goods to be shipped. Among the most known dangerous goods are explosives, chemicals, perfumery...

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Addendum II to the 64th edition of the IATA DGR Manual

On March 31, 2023, the second addendum to the 64th edition of the IATA DGR Regulation was published.

The addendum was published mainly to introduce some State variations and Operators variations and...

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Immersion of 3 months in seawater? Is what I am reading in the IMDG correct?

Let’s start with numbers.12,000 is the number of containers lost at sea. Yes, right: 12,000. Containers.

In March 2014, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, an NOAA (National Oceanic and...

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Transportation of car batteries: truck stopped in Germany

On Thursday, March 9, road officers stopped a lorry with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes in Kalkar-Kehrum on the Lower Rhine in the course of normal vehicle and driver checks. According to the...

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Regulations changed, did you update? UN1169 or UN 1197?

How to avoid mistakes

Being up-to-date about regulations to prepare and ship dangerous goods is fundamental to be sure that your goods will reach its destination without being stopped or sanctioned...

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Air transport and lithium batteries: the meaning of the number 55

You may wonder what the connection between air transport, lithium batteries, and the number 55 is.

55 are the incidents involving lithium batteries that have given off smoke or have caught fire and...

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The hidden danger of beauty products (when we transport them)

Many people may reckon dangerous goods are strange or unusual objects locked up in labs or industrial buildings; some may think of explosive, toxic, or radioactive material. Unfortunately, this is...

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4D and 4DV plywood boxes: Certificate of approval and test report, always ask for the updated version

A certificate of approval is a document proving the actual compliance of a single packaging with the Regulations (ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG e ICAO-TI / IATA) ruling the transportation of dangerous goods...

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Why did my dangerous goods shipment get rejected? Common causes of rejection and some suggestions to avoid them

True, maybe not so often, but everyone have had or may have their shipment of dangerous goods rejected by the carrier for some reason. When this happens, your team has to spend valuable time...

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